Amazing Tajikistan, 93% of the territory of which is taken up by mountains of Pamir and Tyan-Shan, a land that is a definite must-see. This is a country in an old Great Silk Road with rich historical legacy that gifted the world great philosophers, poets and scientists who made a huge contribution in the development of world culture. Contemporary travellers are attracted by relics of Zoroastrian civilization, Islamic culture, unlimited possibilities for mountain tourists and alpinists, and of course, the local cuisine that has soaked in the best during these thousands years. Tajikistan has high-mountain lakes, pearl waterfalls, forests, riparian jungles and breathtaking automobile roads on the height of the plane flights.

Priorities for inbound tourism in the country are:

• Mountain sports tourism and mountaineering

• Eco-tourism

• Historical and cultural tourism

• Spa treatment


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List tourist operators in Tajikistan with contact info

1. LLC “Pamir and Mountain Travel”
Hasanov Sadoullo
Panjakent, 24 Rudaki Str.,
Tel: +992935993737

2. LLC “Javohir”
Kurbanbekova Umeda
Dushanbe, 86 Rudaki Ave.,
Tel: +992939201010

3. LLC “Orient Adventour”
Hamrakul Khudoykul
Dushanbe, 148 Rudaki Ave.,
Tel: +992935070021

4. LLC “Kuhandiz”
Bahromova Dilovara
Panjakent, 13 Rudaki Str.,
Tel: +992927754253

5. LLC “Pamir Silk Travel”
Shagarf Mullo Abdol
Khorugh, 1 Azizbekov Str.,
Tel: +992935052361

6. LLC “Sky Tour”
Nazarov Mansur
Dushanbe, M. Tursunzoda Str.,
Tel: +992908580101

7. LLC “Mountain Adventure Travel Tajikistan”
Karimov Dilshod
Dushanbe, 3/1 M. Tursunzoda Str.,
Tel: +992907710569

8. LLC “Chil Mehrob”
Nasrulloev Amonullo
Panjakent, 85 Rudaki Str.,
Tel: +992927807716

9. LLC “Zerafshan Travel Majestic”
Turakulov Firdavs
Panjakent, 58 Rudaki Ave.,
Tel: +992927300883

10. LLC “Safari Pomir”
Toimastov Surat
Dushanbe, 1/3 N. Muhammad Str.,
Tel: +992935087019

11. LLC “Haftkul”
Sanginov Shodmonkul
Panjakent, 108 Rudaki Ave.,
Tel: +992935076900

12. LLC “Bomi Jahon Tour”
Shonazarov Khudoguy
Rushan dst., Building “Youth Centre”
Tel: +992900500499

13. LLC “AAA-Tour”
Mirzoev Mirzonazar
Dushanbe, 19 A. Donish Str.,
Tel: +992938585555

14. LLC “Merima”
Niyozi Zulaykho
Dushanbe, 11 Academic Rajabovih,
Tel: +992918634555

15. LLC “Panjakent Intour”
Sharifbadalov Muhammadrasul
Panjakent, 16 B. Marzavi Str.,
Tel: +992927740737

16. LLC “Imperia-55”
Hamidov Farhod
Dushanbe, 18 Bokhtar Str.,
Tel: +992987205252